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Celebrating our 25th Year Saving Carbon and Energy in the UK - SAP Ratings.com and Green Heat Ltd are here to help guide and assit your way through the various planning and building regulations conditions affecting your construction project.

Deciding on sustainable, environmentally efficient construction is no longer simply a question of conscience. The UK Government is putting in place strategies that will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, which research has proved to be a major contributing factor to global warming. One such strategy involves the long awaited modification to Part L1 of the Building Regulations, which came into effect in April 2002. These amendments insist upon the calculation of a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Rating for all new dwellings and those converted through material change of use. The requirements also necessitate that the Rating is displayed in the property upon completion.

The regulations were amended in 2006, 2010 and 2014 (2013) with the introduction of Approved Document L1/2A for New Build and L1/2B for Existing Buildings including Extensions and Change of Use Buildings. 

sapratings.com is an established energy rating company with a reputation for providing a thorough and professional service at highly competitive rates. Using software approved by the Building Research Establishment, sapratings.com's experienced team can produce an unbiased, well-informed rating both at design stage and again at completion, if changes have occurred.

sapratings.com endeavours, wherever possible, to produce accurate results in the fastest possible turnaround time.

Peter Thom, Chief Executive of sapratings.com, has been actively involved in pioneering the concept of home energy ratings and has lectured extensively on this and other energy efficiency matters throughout the UK. His industry credentials are impressive, including: Associate of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers; Fellow and President of the Institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers (IDHEE); Member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Member of the Peterborough Environment City Trust; Chairman of the Heating Strategy Group of the Government supported Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes.

Robin Thom BSc, Director Of Sustainability is an Experienced Energy and Sustainabilty Consultant. Providing bespoke consultancy, value engineering and assessments to meet Building Regulations and Planning Conditions in the UK and Europe. 

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